Service Status

Service Status

Notification - vShield Edge Bug Identified Monday 20th November 2017 15:59:00

We have identified a bug in the latest vCloud Director release which can cause the vShield Edge gateway to lose connectivity following any configuration change. We are proactively identifying affected devices and working with VMware on the potential fix. We strongly recommend that Customers contact our support team prior to applying any changes to your Edge device.

We will verify if your device is at risk and work alongside you to resolve. We hope to resolve this bug without interruption to your service and are currently testing a variety of workarounds. Where a non-intrusive fix has been identified, we will apply as necessary. For other scenarios, we will update via this notification or make direct contact.

This issue is related to a known bug within vCloud director. Please refer to the following knowledgebase article for more information:

If you have any further issues, please contact UKCloud support.