Service Status

Service Status

Potential Incident - UKCloud for OpenStack, REGION 6 ZONE 21, 11 March 2019 Monday 11th March 2019 12:49:00

We are aware of a potential issue impacting the following Region REGION 6 ZONE 21 where attaching or detaching volumes can cause an instance to reboot.

We advise not to attach or detatch any volumes until this is resolved.

This is currently being investigated and we will provide an update as soon as possible.

We are still performing live migrations of customer instances. Customers will be made aware before performing live migrations.

We are running a series of live migrations to mitigate against the risk.

Correction: The risk is that of an extended service outage rather than data loss.

We are proactively performing live migrations to mitigate the risk of any data loss.

In some cases, CPU intensive instances may incur a timeout during the live migration causing the instance to reboot. We will proactively reach out to customers where the instance meets this criteria with a recommendation to shut the instance down until migration has completed.

Investigation continues. UKCloud have engaged vendor support to troubleshoot this issue.