Maintenance – Corsham Datacentre Spring Park SQ17 DR4: Upgrade of UPS @ SQ17 - Transfer ‘A’ Stream from ‘B’ Stream to New ‘A’ stream, this requires a ‘A’ stream shut down
Scheduled for Sep 11, 09:00 - 16:00 BST

ARK our Datacentre supplier will be performing essential electrical upgrade works to meet regulatory requirements.

The maintenance will require a single power feed to be shutdown to allow for new equipment to be made operational. The change is isolated to a single datacentre located in Corsham.

These works are taking place as part of the ongoing testing regime that Ark runs to ensure Generators, UPS and switch gear etc are fully operational

Saturday 11 September 9:00 – Saturday 11 September 17:00 – “A” Stream shutdown

Impact to customer?
During the transfer, power will be disabled to one of the rooms electrical feeds resulting in a loss of redundancy. We do not anticipate any outages, but customers may want to make additional arrangements in the event of any problems.

Confidence is high, with the "Fixed Wire Testing" having concluded this year Ark have shown they are committed to managing such works professionally and delivering with no issue.

Additional Information
We conduct a periodic review of all infrastructure within the Data Centre and a summary is as follows:

1. Within the suite, all devices are powered by both “A” and “B” feeds, or are connected to an Automated Transfer Switch (“ATS) that will maintain power during the loss of one feed.
2. Where a UKCloud device has only one power supply, it will be one of a pair (as a minimum) designed for resilience.
3. For customers utilising our Cloud Enablement service, the single socket is protected by an ATS.
4. When running on one stream, the redundant UPS array is capable of supporting our entire infrastructure for four hours, without generator backup.
5. At loss of grid power, the redundant (dual) generator infrastructure is configured to automatically turn on, and will be brought on-line within eight seconds of the power loss. These generators supply through the UPS infrastructure to maintain clean and stable power and are tested monthly.
6. We have taken every precaution possible and are ensuring that ARK and their contractors have the spare parts available should they identify a fault.

Change Reference Number: CRQ5475
Posted Jul 07, 2021 - 11:33 BST