Service Status

Service Status

Email and Collaboration - PSN-P - Outage Saturday 4th August 2018 18:00:00

We are currently experiencing an outage with the PSN-P Email and Collaboration Service. Engineers are investigating the problem. If you require assistance, please raise a support ticket via the portal.

This incident has now been resolved.

We have applied a fix to the PSN-P Email and Collaboration Service, and confirmed mail is being processed successfully. We will continue to monitor the service closely to ensure the mail queue clears without issue. If you experience any further problems, please contact Cloud Support.

The outage for PSN-P Email and Collaboration Service is ongoing. Our engineers are actively working to restore service. If you require any additional information, please contact Cloud Support.

The Email and Collaboration service is now processing mail again - our engineers are continuing to investigate the cause of the problem.