Service Status

Service Status

Platform Incident - Assured - Snapshot Protection - Region 1 Wednesday 18th April 2018 20:00:00

We are aware of a problem affecting one of our Snapshot Protection grids providing service to Region 1 ECC.

This problem is relating to a hardware failure for which we have currently engaged our vendor who we are expecting on site shortly.

This incident is currently under investigation and customers will be updated with any progress as soon as possible. Whilst we are awaiting the hardware failure to be resolved Snapshot Protection services for this region have been suspended.

Updating status to Resolved

The hardware failure has been resolved and the grid restored to a healthy state. Snapshot Protection policies have been kicked off and will run up until 08:00 this morning.

Be advised you are likely to see increased failure rates affecting ECC workloads in Region 1 that use Snapshot Protection as some jobs will not have enough time to complete within the reduced window. These failures should improve during tonight's backup window (19/04 @ 20:00).

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.